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The following are heatmaps of top journals, conferences, and authors over a basemap sampled from all DBLP papers.


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The following are departmental profiles of various universities over a basemap sampled from all DBLP papers.

University of Arizona

California Institute of Technology

Johns Hopkins University

Tufts University

Yale University

The following are temporal heatmaps of various over basemaps of top-ranking DBLP journals and conferences.

Communications of the ACM (1950-2013)

INFOCOM (1982-2013)

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2005-2013)

The following are maps with paper abstracts as heatmaps with the journals those papers were published in as basemaps.

Eppstein Purchase Wills

The following are maps of top DBLP authors as heatmaps over a basemap of their most published venue.