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Maps of DBLP
The Maps of Computer Science (MOCS) project provides a method to visualize concept maps of topics from the DBLP database of computer science research papers. We use the titles of papers in the database to extract prominent words and phrases and calculate their similarity based on cooccurrence in titles. These terms are clustered and laid out based on their similarity values, providing a visual representation of topic space. Heatmap overlays allow us to visualize the profile of a time frame, conference, journal, or author over the base map. Also, different base maps can be created: maps that are representative samples of all papers available in DBLP, or maps limited to specific time frames, conferences, journals, or authors.

This Site
This site provides an interactive interface to the system, allowing the generation of maps and heatmaps for user-specified dates, conferences, journals, and authors and custom map parameters. A set of pre-created maps is also available.